Friday, June 15, 2007

Cowie Wine Cellars - Altus, Arkansas

Cowie Wine Cellars
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Robert G. Cowie, the founder of Cowie Wine Cellars, began making wines in 1955 as a teenager fascinated by the miracle of fermentation. Wine making, to him, was first a hobby, then a profession. He worked constantly at improvement. A winery of his own was a dream which has materialized in small steps over the years.

The winery became bonded on August 17, 1967. In the late 1970's he began construction on the current building (the third winery building) at the site of former St. Ann School at Carbon City. The Cowie children (all seven) have helped with building construction and the wine making.

From Vine to Wine
A tour of our wine cellars where the wine is fermented and aged gives you the opportunity to observe our wine making operations and learn how wine is made. You will see our unique Gallery of Barrels. The heads of the wine barrels are adorned with oil paintings by Bette Kay Cowie of wine and winery history.

Sample the finished wine with a complimentary wine tasting. Whether you prefer dry, semi-dry, or sweet wines, we vint a choice for every discriminating taste.
Relax in our Grape Arbor with a meat or cheese snack tray and your favorite Cowie wine. Arkansas made Ozark Mountain Smoke House meats, cheeses and other picnic supplies, including chilled juices and wines by the glass, are available.

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