Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jonesboro Weddings - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro Weddings

website: was founded early in 2003 by Platt Diversified Consulting.'s mission is to provide comprehensive wedding planning information for Jonesboro, Arkansas and nearby areas. The company's main goal is to provide area brides and grooms with a one-stop wedding planning community. We invite you to join our online community and share in the knowledge and fun.

All users are encouraged to participate in the online discussions and to contribute articles to our planning sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register? You can register anytime by clicking the word Register in the top right hand corner.

Where do I login? You must register before you can login. After you have registered you can click on the word Login in the top right hand corner.

What if I forget my password or username? If you forget your password you can recover it by visiting the Login page and clicking "Reset Password". A random password will be generated and emailed to you.

How do I post a message to the message board? You will not be able to post a message unless you are a registered user that is logged in. To post messages visit the message boards, click a forum or topic, then post your message.

How do my family and friends find my JonesboroWeddings web page? You can give your friends and family the website. From there, have them select the Bridal Search link on the top of the page. On the Bridal Search page, users must enter a bride's first and last name to see your web page.

How do I submit a question or suggestion to the webmaster? To submit a question or suggestion you need to click on the Contact Us link on the top of the page.

How do I change or update my information I registered with? To edit your profile information you must be logged in. You can then click on the MYJW link on the top of the page. From there you will be able to edit all of your information and add some too!

How do I tell about myself and fiancé? To tell your story you must be registered and logged in. You can then click on the MY JW link on the top of the page. You will then be able to click on Edit Profile and add information about how you he proposed....etc.

How do I upload an image to be used on my personal page? To upload an image you need to be logged in. You then go to the MY JW page and click on the link to upload your image to be used on your personal web page. The image must be 40K or less and the best image size is 160 x 200 to get the best possible proportions. Your image can then be viewed on the Bridal Search page (your personal website) along with how you met...etc.

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