Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abbe House Inn

Abbe House Inn
3144 Riverbend Drive
Heber Springs, AR 72543
Toll Free: 877-250-2223
Local: 501-250-2223

As you drive up the 700 foot long driveway between the Leland Cypress trees, your experience starts to unfold. Let THE ABBE HOUSE INN and her 3 front verandas and 8 huge white columns welcome you with that Southern charm. THE ABBE HOUSE INN is a newly constructed home for the sole purpose of offering elegance, privacy and comfort for the Bed & Breakfast traveler. The 12,000 sq. foot home has 1700 sq. foot of verandas for relaxation including a hundred foot back porch with a view of the Lost Creek Golf Course. Grab a good book and read it in the parlor or the 2nd floor offers a reading lounge with a view of the golf course. The 3rd floor offers a huge sitting area with a view of the grounds. THE ABBE HOUSE INN sits on 12 acres surrounded by Bradford Pear Trees while bordering the Lost Creek Golf Course and offers plenty of room to unwind.

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