Thursday, September 6, 2007

Action Fishing Trips in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Action Fishing Trips
Jerry Blake

Hot Springs Arkansas area hosts a number of scenic lakes and rivers that offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities.

With our mild climate local anglers and visitors can take advantage of these opportunities spring, summer, fall and winter especially when fishing with a guide.

Since 1980 I have enjoyed fishing with family and friends on the various rivers and lakes in the Hot Springs area.

I'll fish for anything that is biting but Crappie fishing is my passion and I have developed a system for locating and catching them year around.

We also catch Walleye, Black Bass, White Bass, Hybrid White Bass, Stripers, Catfish, Bream and other species on Lake Greeson and Lake DeGray.

Come along and enjoy a memorable fishing trip aboard my
22-foot Blue Wave Center Console and take home great memories, pictures and fresh-caught fish for supper.

If you plan to fish on your own after your trip with me you are welcome
to bring your GPS receiver so you can mark the areas we fish.

Youngsters are welcome and no fishing experience is required.

Bottled drinking water, light snacks, life jackets, bait and tackle are provided but you're welcome to bring your own tackle and favorite snacks and beverages if you wish.

A Polaroid picture of your catch is provided and I'll put a picture of you with your catch on my Pictures page (with your permission, of course).

If you land a "Wallhanger" you'll be on my BIGUNS page!

Fish that you want to keep are filleted and packaged for you to take home.

Trips are exclusive to one party and can accommodate up to six people (or 1,100-pounds maximum passenger weight) with plenty of room for everyone to fish comfortably.

For larger groups additional boats and guides can be arranged.

Check out our fishing and lodging packages.


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