Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dixie Car Club in Benton, Arkansas

Dixie Car Club
P.O. Box 2093
Benton, AR 72018-2093

For additional Info:

The DIXIE CAR CLUB of Benton, Arkansas was organized January 31, 1975, by eighteen (18) members (couples). By early 1979 the club was inactive.

In June of 1979, word was received by one of the members, that a Chevy Club from Dallas, Texas, was coming through Benton on a tour to Nashville, TN. The Chevy Club was invited to stop over in Benton for a hamburger cook-out. They accepted and an attempt was made to contact as many of the charter DIXIE members as possible. Invitations were extended to other local people who owned old cars. The results were about 100 people attending, with 11 cars and 31 people from Dallas. A great time was enjoyed, many new friends and relationships were made, and the clubs still keep in close contact. The two clubs have since had five other get-togethers, including overnight tours.

This gathering planted the seeds for the rebirth of the Club. Soon after the picnic, there was a meeting of the DIXIE Club members with reorganization resulting, and it has been active since. Our membership currently stands at 115 families.