Friday, September 28, 2007

The Empress of Little Rock

The Empress of Little Rock
2120 S. Louisiana St.
Quapaw Quarter Historic District
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
Robert H. Blair and Sharon Welch-Blair, Hosts

The Empress, an historic hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas invites you to imagine yourself stepping back in time as you enjoy the rich Victorian atmosphere. Imagine an evening in the family parlor at the Biltmore Estate, surrounded by luxurious antiques, the warmth of the fire draining away the tension of a busy corporate day, stretched out in your smoking jacket or Victorian dressing gown, and that special book you've been postponing for the "right time". Each luxurious bedchamber at The Empress conveys just such a feeling in your own private sitting area. Or imagine luxuriating in the "bath of the century" (19th that is) provided by a claw foot tub and the soft glow of long ago lighting. Perhaps the lure of the Inn's "secret" watchtower in the turret intrigues you.

Or imagine yourself as Scarlett, descending a magnificent double staircase made of walnut and cypress, lighted by the rainbow hues of a 64 square foot stained glass skylight. Delicious breakfast smells beckon you to leisurely dining served from the verandah or the formal dining room, resplendent with silver service and unrushed conversation, where true Southern hospitality is served, along with English crumpets. Queen Victoria would have nodded her approval.

Imagine further, a 19th Century Drawing Room in patterned carpet, rich wood wainscoting back dropping a game table with a puzzle partially put together, drawing you to pull up that cozy chair and add the next piece.

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