Friday, September 14, 2007

The Muse Gallery Fayetteville, AR

The Muse Gallery
c/o Taylor Mack Advertising
509 W. Spring, Suite 450
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Ph. 479.444.7770
Fax 479.444.7977
roster of artists

Josephine Romo

Ms. Romo's figure paintings explore color as light, while focusing on the mood and soul of the subject. These youthful and vibrant works are not to be missed.

Ron and Sherry Blankenship

Baron Creek Glassworks shows a sampling of their award winning art glass. Housed in 16 countries, permanent museum and private collections, this work must be seen to be believed!

Lynn Zecca

Richly shaded graphite drawings depict memories of life growing up in Minnesota and New Jersey. Links to her visual novel published online. Also features works in oil pastel.

Greg Mack

Texas-born Greg Mack offers up landscape watercolors as seen through his own unique kaleidoscope. View his sculpture in a 360 degree vr tour.

Connie O'Mara
Springdale, Arkansas' resident Connie O'Mara displays work in silver and gemstones that blurs the line between jewelry and wearable art.

Wendy McCarty

A St. Paul, Minnesota native, Ms. McCarty's paintings reflect her travels in Europe, India and the United States. Her work is a spiritual search for the divine through the visual world.

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