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PfsstCats Munchkin
Munchkin Cat Breeder

Since the breed is in the process of development, the standard reflects this growth and is updated as the breed gains greater acceptance in the feline fancy. Typically, the standard describes a medium cat possessing moderate features, similar to those of the Domestic cat -- the Munchkin breed's parent. The only allowable outcross for the Munchkin is non-pedigreed, non-purebred cats. In other words, the outcrosses that can be implemented are Domestic Shorthair and Longhair cats. Outcrossing is important to a new breed in order to broaden the gene pool. For the Munchkin to be recognized and further advance in the cat world, this type of breeding program is recommended so that they will be judged on their own merit for being a Munchkin and not some other purebred cat on short legs.

Currently, there is a movement within the fancy where a smaller cat with more petite features is desired by breeders, judges, and the pet-owning public. Our cattery is part of this movement; therefore, we work with the smaller type Munchkin. Our selection of outcrosses has been made with small size in mind. We also select those outcrosses that display other features that we felt were more complimentary to the "look" of our Munchkin line. My desire for my Munchkins to be more of a toy cat with an ideal weight range of 4 to 7 pounds for show cats (these are cats that are healthy, robust, and muscular little guys and gals) probably stems from my years of breeding and showing the gorgeous little Toy Pomeranians.

Though we follow the guidelines that are set forth by the TICA standard for the Munchkin, there is still much room for one's own personal interpretation; therefore, our Munchkins, hopefully, will reflect our ideal for this remarkable, little breed. In our breeding program, we are striving for a uniform conformation in our Munchkins. Our ideal is to breed cats that are more in proportion with their short stature -- that is, small cats on small legs. They will have a shorter, more level back with the front and back legs closer to the same length. More important, we pay special attention to the shape of these legs -- specifically, guarding against excessively bowed front legs and cow-hocked back legs.

As for the personality of the Munchkin, it is sweet and outgoing. We like for our cats to have characteristics that emphasize this demeanor, for we believe that the facial features of a Munchkin are as important as the proper conformation of the body. After all, the face can embody so much of one's personality. The ideal countenance for our cats is one that consists of large, expressive eyes; smaller ears that are rounded at the tips and set high upon the head; a firm chin; a squared muzzle; and a slight cheekbone definition, giving a gentle fullness to the face. We feel that such an openness to their visage reflects the true nature of the Munchkin -- one of curiosity. For another aspect that demonstrates the inquisitive character of these cats is their creativity. To overcome what some might think is a limited point of view, they readily sit on their haunches in order to see something from another perspective, a display that underscores their comical nature.

All their characteristics, both in body and in action, reflect not only a sense of wonder about their world but also a spirit of freshness in the way they view it. Thus, our goal is for our Munchkins to possess a more "kitten-like" look as well as temperament. But this wish does not mean that they do not become adult cats. All cats grow up, even Munchkins, to be just as amazing and amusing as they were in kittenhood. Furthermore, we feel that sweet personalities will enhance the overall presence of this new, wonderful breed -- called the Munchkin.

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