Friday, October 5, 2007

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
Bldg. # 9501
Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock , AR 72199-9600

General Business 501-683-6700
Fax 501-683-7890
Incident/Disaster Coordination 1-800-322-4012

(Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA) 1275101 et al) directs the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to maintain a management system that effectively and efficiently provides mitigation of and recovery from the effects of natural and man caused disasters. This goal is accomplished through a series of programs designed to identify all disasters threatening the State; assist state agencies, local governments, volunteer and other organizations in determining the means to mitigate disaster effects; develop procedures for fast and efficient deployment of identified resources to effectuate mitigation and recovery; continually exercise all plans, evaluate results and make modifications to ensure procedures are effective; and, coordinate the efforts of all organizations responding to disasters. To accomplish this task, the department is organized into the following:

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