Friday, September 7, 2007

American Bonsai Nursery Van Buren, Arkansas

American Bonsai Nursery
5141 Industrial Park Rd
Van Buren AR, 72956-8902

The earliest memories with my father in the yard and garden began a passion for horticulture. The art of bonsai gently came into my life as my family presented one to me.

With the receiving of my first bonsai, the search was initiated for more thorough information. This led to research involving reading, classes, and seminars with bonsai artists and masters. Along with all other bonsai artists, I realize there is always more to learn, absorb and accomplish.

Over the years, in our full-service bonsai nursery, I have personally designed, potted, and maintained each of the bonsai that are on display and available for sale. We teach quarterly beginner classes where students learn to develop and care for their own. Bonsai enthusiasts can obtain supplies necessary to produce their individual designs. At our nursery, hundreds of trees (pre-bonsai) are in preparation to become bonsai.

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