Friday, September 7, 2007

Arkansas Cattlemen's Association

Arkansas Cattlemen's Association
310 Executive Court
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 224-2114

The ACA is diligently working for the Cattlemen of Arkansas, as we are devoted to improving the cattle industry within the state. This is derived not only through producer education, but also through representation on legislative and regulatory issues. The ACA is the only voice that speaks solely for the Cattlemen of Arkansas in looking after their interests and protecting their livelihood. As most cattle operations differ in type so do the types of memberships available. So don't wait, choose the membership that best fits you and help support us in working and protecting the future of the Cattle Industry of Arkansas.

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Cowboy said...

Cattlemen are a very independent sort of people, consequently they might have different views on various issues. Some of the differences might be to the extreme. But I think that there is at least one thing we can agree upon without much deliberation. Agriculture in the United States is performed by only Two Percent of the population. No One is going to promote our views but us. And the only way we can hope to accomplish much is by a united effort. So whether you choose ACA or another organization join together with your fellow producers and become involved. The First Step, Join to make your voice heard, Then Become pro-Active to insure that there is still a Cattle industry, and an organization, were we can hammer our any differences we might have among ourselves, Then Once everyone has a chance to express his views. Vote the issues up or down, support the decisions of the majority with one Voice. Democracy only works if we exercise our freedoms. The Old Saying, You can Fool Some of the people All the Time, And All of the people some of time, But you can’t fool all of the people all the time. I believe is true. I believe If All the People are involved then we will end up with the right decision because I have our form of Government is the best in the world, One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.