Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bergman School District Bergman, AR

Bergman School District
P.O. Box 1
Bergman, Arkansas 72615

from KTHV....Their classrooms are nestled in the hills of Boone County with a little more than a thousand students K-12.

Teachers say the way of life in Bergman contributes to the children's success and so do the parents.

Calculus teacher Shawda Bradshaw explains, “It's that they really are, is my child being very respectful, are they saying yes ma'am, no ma'am. It's not, well, their grade is not an A, why is that. It's more, are they doing their best, great. Are they being respectful to you, great. Are they not getting in trouble? It's more of wanting them to be successful not just on their grades but in other things as well.”

Students say they like going to school at Bergman. They think they get a good education even though it's a small school.

Senior Emily Nance says, “It's nice having a small classroom where your teachers actually know who you are, unlike a lot of bigger schools that have like 40 or more people in a class. They don't get to be personal with the teachers.”

Junior Kelsey Dodd likes her teachers too, “They prepare us by giving us stuff that's actually harder than what's on the test. I know, especially the ACTPAS and some parts of the ACT, thinking it's easier than what I actually do in the classroom.”

In a small community like Bergman, everyone agrees it takes a staff of dedicated teachers to make this one of the states best schools. Teacher Kathy Jones says she enjoys teaching now more than she did when she first started 19 years ago.

Jones says, “It's changed so that it's the best thing for the kids. You change your way of teaching, you change something every year to improve yourself, to improve the way you instruct so that the kids will benefit and get the most out of it.”

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